Ten Great Places to Stay in Christchurch NZ


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The largest city on the South Island of New Zealand, Christchurch is often viewed as a throwback to how England used to be. One of The Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel in 2013′, the city is notable for its lush gardens and parks, quaint pier, trams, punts that glide up and down the River Avon and of course its architectural landmarks. Bursting almost at the seems with cultural attractions like museums, galleries and performance art, Christchurch also has a wonderful gastronomic and cafe scene. Its strong Maori influence only adds to its charm.


Overall there is an excellent range, choice and standard of hotels in Christchurch, NZ. If you are heading to the city you may well interested in the suggestion of Ten Great Places to Stay in Christchurch NZ highlighted beneath.


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5 Star Hotels


Clearview Lodge


Colombo in the City


Dyers House



4 Star Hotels


Anselm House


Beaufort House


Kauri Motel




3 Star Hotels


Fendalton House


St James Bed & Breakfast


Papanui Court Motel




And the best…


Tangley on Clyde



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Ten Terrific Pretoria Hotels to Book


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Emerging from a murky past of white domination Pretoria is now a laid back and tolerant city for domestic tourists and international holidaymakers alike.


Named after Andries Pretorius, and more popularly known as ‘The Jacaranda City’ due to the brilliant proliferation of Jacaranda trees that adorn its streets, parks and gardens, Pretoria has a young and friendly feel due in part to its 10,000+ student population. A place of natural beauty with numerous nature reserves within its confines Pretoria, which is only 50km from Johannesburg has a number of points of interest for the visitor including a Zoo, Botanical Gardens, the fascinating Church Square and the Voortrekker Monument. In addition the city has numerous shopping malls, some decent places to eat and a very good nightlife.


All things considered there is an excellent standard and range of nice hotels in Pretoria to select from. If you are looking for some South Africa Holiday Deals and want to do an accommodation search for this city below is some guidance of Ten Terrific Pretoria Hotels to Book.


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5 Star Hotels


Illyria House


Sheraton Pretoria Hotel


Lombardy Boutique Hotel & Conference Centre



4 Star Hotels


Goodey’s Guesthouse Pretoria


Melvin Residence Guest House


A Bohemian Rhapsody Guest House




3 Star Hotels


Dinkwe Guest House


Brooklyn Guesthouses Pretoria


That’s It Guest Home




And the best…


The Capital House



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Ten Top Hotel Choices for Port of Spain in Trinidad


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One of the a leading cities in the Caribbean, Port of Spain is the capital of Trinidad and Tobago. A major tourist destination, the region contains a rich and fascinating tapestry of colours, races and cultures which are best appreciated by just diving head first into them. Renown for its carnival atmosphere, fantastic beaches, world class scuba diving and of course love of cricket, Port of Spain is also arguably the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean with everything from Thai, Mexican and Lebanese cuisine to Venezuelan-Panyol, French and Creole available. An increasingly influential music venue with the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna, Akon, Usher and Maroon 5 all performing there in recent times Port of Spain also has an excellent arts scene and some of the best nightlife in the whole of the West Indies.


Overall there is a good standard of holiday accommodation in Port of Spain, though luxury options are somewhat limited. If you are contemplating a trip to this lovely Caribbean city highlighted below is a selection of Ten Top Hotel Choices for Port of Spain in Trinidad you may wish to check out.


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4 Star Hotels


Hyatt Regency Trinidad


Hilton Trinidad and Conference Centre


Moniques Guest House Maraval



3 Star Hotels


L Orchidee Boutique Hotel Port of Spain


Forty Winks Inn


Courtyard by Marriott Port of Spain




2 Star Hotels


Motown Guest House Hotel


Carnetta’s House and Inn


Alicia’s Guest House




And the best…


The Carlton Savannah



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