Hotel Industry warned to up their game


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A stark warning to up their game has been issued to the hotel industry in a new report from Jones Lang LaSalle.


According to Kevin Hastings, the Australian head of head of project and development services at JLL hotels will not only have to refurbished more regularly on account of the design expectations of their guests but also keep abreast of their changing technological demands as well. In particular he cited the need for hotels to build an infrastructure that allows their property to easily install new technology such as cabling and Wi-Fi.


‘With tight capital expenditure budgets now par for the course for many hotel operators and owners, a strategic approach is needed to ensure investment is maximised’ advised Hastings.


Their findings are outlined in a new white paper which analyses the influences of hotel perception and values on guests and well as evaluating issues relating to the effective management of capital expenditure budgets.


According to Hastings, these issues included the age of the property as well as changes in legislation, such as the Disability Discrimination Act and occupational health and safety. It also included other factors including rising energy prices, energy efficiency and consumers preferring hotels equipped with the latest advances in technology.


‘The hotel operator’s objective is to ensure that the hotel remains in the same condition as when it opened’. the report stated.


‘This interpretation fails to address opportunities to value-add and improve the asset’


To maintain a competitive advantage, Mr Hastings concluded that hotel owners and operators needed to collaborate to improve overall trading performance and adapt to technology advances, changes in consumer trends and compliance with legislation.


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