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It may surprise you to discover that there is currently no consistent or globally recognised formula for determining hotel star ratings around the world. Instead the assigning of hotel star ratings is done purely on a subjective basis by a vast number of different organisations and institutions including guidebooks, travel agencies, local governments and in some cases even the hotels themselves.


Hotel Star ratings are thus intended to serve primarily as guidelines for guests who are looking to make a hotel reservation, and not an official statement of the hotel’s overall quality. That said such ratings can be taken as a useful guide when booking a hotel room as a result of the general inferences such ratings portray in terms of price, facilities, amenities and comfort. All things being equal you can always expect that by paying a higher price for a four or five star hotel you will be ensuring a stay in a hotel with a better quality of furnishings, fittings and services. But what exactly does each star rating on this website mean?


Below is a brief overview  of what to expect from a hotel which falls in each of the following star ratings.


1-Star Rating:

There aren’t too many listed on this site, but One-Star Hotels tend to be small, owner operated establishments. Primarily targeting budget travellers who are literally just looking for a place to sleep, they offer cheap, clean and simple, no frills accommodation. Rooms will be small with the basic facilities and amenities you need like a bed and a sink, though may not have a TV or even a private bathroom. However such hotels do tend to be situated in convenient locations near restaurants, public transportation, highways and major tourist attractions and the atmosphere in them is usually quiet and congenial.


2-Star Rating:

Two-star hotels are most often part of a major chain which offers consistently clean and comfortable accommodation across all their properties around the world. Usually small to medium in size their rooms tend to have a private bathroom as well as a TV, telephone and, increasingly, wireless internet access. Some hotels might offer a light continental breakfast service as well as limited business and fitness and recreation facilities and parking is usually free. Some may even have a small restaurant onsite.


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3-Star Rating:

Though similar in essence and composition, Three-star hotels are a notable a step up from a Two-Star in terms of what they offer. For a start the rooms tend to be bigger, with a better range of facilities and standard of fixtures and fittings too. The hotels tend also to be equipped with a wider selection of amenities like a swimming pool, meeting or conference room, a decorative lobby and a restaurant. Some may also have valet parking and on site medical services available to. Most will have a perfectly presentable entrance and well maintained grounds too.


4-Star Rating:

Four-star hotels, essentially offer everything a Three-star hotel does,  but in a more upscale fashion. Whilst the rooms are bigger still and definitely more comfortable, they are furnished with high quality and contemporary linens, drapes, bedding and flooring and also come with very personalized concierge and complete room service. These hotels also tend to have multiple restaurants, of both the fine dining and buffet varieties, as well as a well-equipped gym and fitness centre, a full service spa and wellness centre, bars, lounges, shops and a full range of business services. These hotels may also have a golf course on site and are generally set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens which are an attraction on themselves.


5-Star Rating:

At the top end of the scale Five Star hotels  are the epitome of best-in-class. Conveying luxury and offering the highest quality in all aspects of hospitality ,they strive to achieve excellence by catering to the discerning guest who likes the finer things in life. Starting from the architecture and running right through to the rooms, lobby, interior design and landscaping, everywhere you look, opulence and style predominates. The concierge service, which might also include a personalised butler, will be world class, as will the food. Most of which will be gourmet standard served in multiple restaurants run by award winning chefs. The facilities will be state-of-the-art and the hotel will be full of original sculptures, wall art, fresh flowers and high quality, elite brand furniture. Each room will be equipped with specially manufactured beds, made up with the highest quality linens and bedding, as well as a luxury en suite bathroom that also contain a hot tub or Jacuzzi. Whilst their landscaping and grounds will be spectacularly maintained, Five-star hotels will also invariably offer a convenient location near a world class attraction and/or a breathtaking view.



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