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With over 2 million hotels on our network in more than 120,000 destinations across the globe we are fully aware how daunting it can be to find the right hotel for you. London and Phuket for instance have over 2700 hotels listed between them and New York and Dubai have more than 1200 themselves, so it can be quite difficult to know where to start.


To help you decide there are a number of things this website offers the reader. For a start we list every single hotel, motel, resort and holiday accommodation unit that we know of in whatever city, state, country or region you are searching. We are able to do this purely because our extensive network of booking sites totals well over 100 providers.


For your convenience, within any city, the hotels are also listed by proximity to such things as the airport, notable landmarks, specific suburbs, shopping and business districts and local tourist attractions.


What people find most helpful however is our Verified Reviews™. An easy to read and genuine synopsis of all the hotel reviews and ratings that feature on the 100s of booking sites that are part of our on our network. This feedback is an invaluable source of information for the reader as it comes exclusively from verified, paying customers who have stayed at the place they are writing about.


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And how do we know these reviews are genuine?


Well we have identified hotel and accommodation booking websites which only allow their paying customers to submit reviews, after they have checked out of the hotel. This eliminates the risk of fake reviews misleading you about the quality of the hotel by guaranteeing that the users who submitted the hotel reviews are those that have actually stayed there.



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