A Simple Guide To Booking The Right Hotel For You


How to Book The Right Hotel For You through Which Hotel 4 Me


With so much choice and a wealth of information available just a few clicks of a mouse away, sourcing and booking the most suitable hotel for yourself can be a trying experience. Obviously you would look to find hotel accommodation that is safe and comfortable but beyond that, to secure the most ideal choice, you really should ask yourself what are the most important elements that will shape your decision to make a hotel reservation online.


For instance, do you have a star rating preference? How about a budget limit? Is location important to you? What about the size of the room? There are a number of immediate factors which will help you narrow down a starting point for your search, which our hotel booking system will let you browse by.


Having established some immediate parameters you will quickly be able to find a long list of potential hotels. For instance if price is the biggest consideration for you, to the point that you can’t pay more than $125 per night for a room, a search on all property’s with rates of that price or below will quickly whittle down the field of possibilities. Similarly if you absolutely want to be based in a certain area, for instance downtown or near a train station, a search that excludes all hotels situated more than 3 km from that area will significantly assist you with your initial search.



Presented with this long list a wise move to further reduce this number of listings would be to evaluate each property’s customer satisfaction rating. Posted by genuine paying guests who are giving feedback on a hotel based on their experiences of staying there, each property has been given a rating out of 10 by them, the average of which is showcased in their listing. Taking these average scores into account you can feel fairly confident about what to expect from any of the accommodations outlined. Though you do need to temper this with the realisation that a hotel with an average rating of 9.8 out of 10 might not be as good as you think if the property has only received 6 reviews. Similarly a hotel with an average score of 7.5 out of 10 should not necessarily be taken at face value for only being considered ‘good’ if over 10,000 people have reviewed it. With so many reviews its average score will naturally come down. As a general rule though if you refine your search by highest guest rating, star rating and place, your list of potential venues will both reduce in number but increase in overall quality, as per your initial requirements.


Once you had done this and have found yourself presented with a shorter list, it is worthwhile having a rethink about what you are looking for from the hotel itself in terms of its service, amenities and facilities. Would you like there to be a restaurant on site? Or a swimming pool? Do you need access to a gym? Or would you like to be able to have a quiet drink in the bar at night? Once you have determined this you would be able to refine your search even more by incorporating all these hotel features in another lookup. Or indeed removing them from the equation. (There is little point in paying for something you have no intention of using).


With a much shorter list of hotels now at your disposal you will easily be able to compare and contrast them. To help you finalise a decision be sure to peruse all the photos that showcase these hotels and as each property features a handful of the best current rates and dates from all of the major online hotel reservation websites it is also worth evaluating thoroughly which one offers the best deal.


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