Top 100 Travel Blogs – Part 1


A list of 100 of the world's best travel bloggers


In the last decade the number of people writing travel blogs has grown enormously. What started as a way for a small group of people to document the thoughts and experiences of their travels (more for sentiment than anything else) has now grown into a large community of digital nomads, many of whom are able to fund their adventures through the revenue generated from their blogs, and all of whom swap advice, tips, hints and suggestions for all things related to travel.


Throughout the blogosphere there are a number of fantastic travel blogs to peruse. Over the course of 4 posts we will be showcasing 100 of the best of them in no particular order or ranking and as determined by no other criteria except that we like them!


Below is our selection of the first 25.


Nomadic Matt

One of the most popular travel blogs on the web Nomadic Matt features an excellent mix of travel tips, destination and hotel reviews and personal experiences. A must read.



Inside the Travel Lab

Abigail King is a doctor who has now turned her hand to full time travel writing and photography. Maintaining a ‘thoughtful blog on luxury travel’ Inside the Travel Lab documents her adventures which have taken her to most continents around the world. Her experiences to date have been captured through compelling words and photographs.



Intelligent Travel

Just like the publication itself the National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog is an excellent read. Remaining ‘on the front lines of travel that illuminates, celebrates, and preserves irreplaceable places’ the NG continues to inspire people to care about the world we live in.



Legal Nomads

A former lawyer from Montreal, Jodi Ettenberg has been travelling around the world since April 1st 2008. Her blog, Legal Nomads, features a recent post about how 5 years of travel has changed her Life. It provides an awesome insight into the benefits of long term travel.



Stuck In Customs

A wonderful travel photography blog, Trey Ratcliff’s mastery of HDR photography makes Stuck In Customs compulsive viewing. If anyone can make you think you are travelling vicariously through them it is this very talented picture snapper.



Gran Tourismo

Written by Lara Dunston and Terence Carter Gran Tourismo is more like a magazine. Purveyors of slow travel for them quality of experience is definitely more important than quantity. Wherever they go they attempt to live like the locals and this makes for fascinating reading.



Everything Everywhere

Documenting the travels of Gary Arndt, Everything Everywhere is a cracking read. Having visited over 100 countries Gary has seen a lot of fantastic places, all of which are vividly reproduce through his engaging writing and great photography.



Fogg Odyssey

Working on the theory that a picture tells a thousand words Troy Floyd has produced Fogg Odyssey. A fantastic photography blog, his best pictures tend to showcase local people or urban ways of life – and they all tell a fascinating story.



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Four Jandals

Written by Cole and Adela, a New Zealand couple with a sense of adventure this blog documents their travels around the world since 2009. Their zest for life emanates through every post of Four Jandals and they have an eye for recognition of their surroundings that few other travel bloggers possess.



Flora the Explorer

Never one to settle in her comfort zone Flora the Explorer is certainly making the most of her travels. So far her adventures have seen do everything from volunteer work with villagers in Kenya, as well as orphans in Lithuania, to working with musicians in Iceland and mixing with celebrities in India. If she ever has grandchildren she will have lots of fascinating tales to tell them. All of which are documented in her fantastic blog.



Don’t Ever Look Back

The travel blog of twenty something couple Amy and Kieron, Don’t Ever Look Back not only documents their round the world adventures but also offers great advice about planning, preparing and saving for your own trip.



Fluent in 3 Months

A legend amongst the travel blogging community Benny runs Fluent in 3 Months, one of the more unique travel sites around. On a mission to learn as many new languages in as short a period of time as possible, his trials, tribulations and infectious personality makes for compulsive reading.



Travel Dudes

A great resource for any aspiring traveller Travel Dudes features a diverse range of fascinating articles, great photos, interesting videos and excellent travel tips.



Almost Fearless

An inspiring blog driven by its creator Christine who has chosen to partake in a travelling lifestyle with her young family. Exploring and remaining in far flung places around the globe for reasonable lengths of time Almost Fearless is renowned for its excellent written and pictorial imagery.



Nomadic Samuel

The travel blog of a Canadian travel photographer, Nomadic Samuel provides an interesting mix of travel advice, tips, hints and stories as well as some outstanding photography and videos.



New Life on the Road

The fascinating adventures of The Woody family who sold pretty much everything they owned, bought a motorhome on eBay with the capital raise and embarked upon a mission to visit Australia in detail, New Life on the Road is a fantastic narrative of their experiences on the road.




Emma’s Travel Tales

A 23 year old Scottish girl who has already visited 26 countries Emma’s Travel Tales is a cracking read. Striving for ‘location independence’ Emma documents her ability to work from anywhere in the world that offers internet access. Already she has been on more than 10 cruises and counts Barcelona, the South of France and St Petersburg amongst the favourite places she has visited.



The Aussie Nomad

Chris Richardson is the Aussie Nomad, a proud Australian who is on a mission to travel the world and also get as many new people to try vegemite. His blog offers a good mix of travel narration, hints, advice and photographs that inspire as much as they entertain.



The Planet D

An adventure travel blog for couples The Planet D provides tips, advice, motivation and stunning photographs for those looking to following their lead. Written by veteran travellers and bloggers Dave and Deb the blog has been featured by everyone from The Lonely Planet and National Geographic to The Huffington Post and BBC Travel.



The Dropout Diaries

A food and travel blog written by a rat race dropout, The Dropout Diaries documents the global adventures of Barbara who is currently travelling with her Vietnamese husband and young child. Well written, on a clean layout, the blog is online equivalent of a book which once you start reading you can’t put down.



48 Hour Adventure

A rather clever website, 48 Hour Adventure provides short break guides and travel advice that is designed to motivate and inspire career minded people to explore places within easy reach of where they live, during their spare time, in a manageable timeframe.



Adventurous Kate

A full time traveller who hopes to inspire others to embark upon their own journeys Adventurous Kate is one of the most popular solo female travel blogs on the blogosphere. So far her travels have seen her shipwrecked in Indonesia, hit on Jon Stewart in New York City and appear as an extra in a ‘really, really bad German movie’. Inspiring and thought provoking her writing style is easy to follow yet very impactful.



Fox Nomad

Run by Anil, Fox Nomad offers more practical advice for all aspiring digital nomads. With a strong slant towards travelling smarter and showcasing the benefits of technology this blog is a wonderful resource for the travel minded.



Our Tasty Travels

The brainchild of Brett Domue, a veteran traveller who has been on the road since 2004 Our Tasty Travels primarily focuses on all the weird and wonderful wine and cuisine he and his travel partner Erin De Santiago consume during their trips. So far they have tasted their way through 54 countries with plenty more on the menu.



Eating Asia

Another great food blog Eating Asia is not the kind of website to look at when you are hungry. Showcasing a wealth of research, tips and knowledge the blog also features photography that is guaranteed to have you salivating within seconds.